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Greenwoods Singel location was founded on the 15th of September 1988 by Gabrielle Mary Wheeler and Janet Isabel Pratt and later reinvigorated by Daniel Post from Arnemuiden in Zeeland from 2010 onwards.

Peter, a local Zeeuw and Simon originally from the UK but now a dutch national and proud Zeelander, used to run the bed and breakfast 't Poorthuys and since selling up were looking for a fresh challenge and adventure. This came along after chatting with their long time friend Daniel. The idea for Greenwoods Middelburg was born!

Greenwoods is an all day breakfast / brunch and lunchroom, focusing on quality food / drinks and service.

We serve classic Dutch / English / German breakfast / brunch / lunch dishes all day – proper full English, authentic eggs benedict on muffins, vegetarian breakfast, shakshuka, our big breakfast burger and American pancake breakfast. As well as many other great and unique dishes including our number one uitsmijter classic – The Dutchman.

Vegan – Vegetarian – Gluten free – Lactose intolerant – we do all we can to make sure we have something for everyone. If you have special requests please ask your server and we will do all we can to accommodate you.

The venue is also fully licenced and has an excellent wine and beer offering, as well as our fresh made Bloody Mary. We also have an excellent array of homemade drinks.

After the kitchen closes we will be open for drinks and snacks until 8pm.

Just off the main Market Square on Plein 1940 nr3 4331 LG Middelburg

We are also committed to doing all we can to bring Greenwoods as close to net zero as we can to this end we have introduced a number of measures that we will build upon.
- We only use recyclable plastic & paper, kitchen and FOH - Straws and napkins are by request and are recyclable.
- We do not stock bottled or canned products that require long haulage.
- We only use locally sourced produce and make as much as we can in house and on premises.
- We have stopped with Avocados due to their excessive water use (70 litres of applied fresh ground or surface water are required to grow one avocado.) and long distance transport issues, Avocados have to travel a long way to get here using fossil fuels all the way. We are using locally grown alternatives. https://sustainablefoodtrust.org/
- We use seasonal and local products to reduce unnecessary transport.
- This is a work in progress as we try to progress to net zero for Greenwoods so any advice or help is welcome.


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0118 785 562


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Plein 1940 nr. 3

4331 LG , Middelburg


0118 785 562



Opening hours:

Monday to Sunday - 8.30 to 16.00

Monday - Sunday Drinks / Snacks 16.00 - 20.00

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