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ALL DAY menu offers you English breakfast and brunch classics along with some fantastic lunch options. Vegan - Vegetarian and Gluten Free options. Greenwoods on the Singel was founded in 1988 and our Keizersgracht venue was launched in 2010. Situated just off Leidsestraat in the centre of town with one of the best canalside terraces on the canal belt! Greenwoods serves all your breakfast, brunch, lunch and tea desires. Don’t forget the traditional English cream tea with freshly made scones. We are also fully licenced and have an excellent wine and beer offering, as well as our fresh made Bloody Mary. Freshly made each day on the premises - using the best ingredients and talents of our fantastic Chef Jayde A 3 minute walk from the flower market. 2 minutes from Leidseplein. Tram stops 2 and 12.

Environmental message : We feel that it is important that Greenwoods does all it can to be as environmentally responsible as possible. To this end we have taken a number of measures to ensure that we reduce our footprint and are actively engaged in taking more as we work through all our products and practices. If you would like to know more then please ask your server. - We only use recyclable plastic & paper, kitchen and FOH - Straws and napkins are by request and are recyclable - We do not stock bottled or canned products that require long haulage - we only use locally sourced produce and make as much as we can in house and on premises. - We have stopped with Avocados due to their excessive water use (70 litres of applied fresh ground or surface water are required to grow one avocado.) and long distance transport issues, Avocados have to travel a long way to get here using fossil fuels all the way. We are using locally grown alternatives. https://sustainablefoodtrust.org/ - We use seasonal and local products to reduce unnecessary transport - This is a work in progress as we try to progress to net zero for Greenwoods so any advice or help is welcome.


  • Product Freshness
  • High Quality Tea/ Coffee
  • Seasonal Fresh Produce
  • Excellent Service
  • Quality and Atmosphere
  • Knowledge



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Reservations : The available table times are visible on our reservations widget. Or you can turn up for a walk in as during peak times we do not take reservations.


We are available to hire in the evenings!

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